CryptoNote News

CryptoNote is a protocol that is used in privacy-oriented digital currencies for preventing the identification of a transaction’s sender. The first version of CryptoNote emerged in 2012 and was published on Tor. The original author of CryptoNote’s white paper remains unknown and used the pseudonym Nicolas van Saberhagen. CryptoNote coin transaction’s public keys are united in groups before being received and this makes it impossible to identify the sender. Some famous CryptoNote coins are Monero and Bytecoin. For currencies, based on CryptoNote, mining is performed with the CryptoNight proof-of-work algorithm. This algorithm makes CryptoNote mining available for most ordinary CPUs. CryptoNote-based coins are emitted smoothly and rewards change for every block. However, there have been some forks in the CryptoNote blockchain, such as the DarkNote coin, which uses their own emission logic.