Aleksandar Matanovic News

Aleksandar Matanovic is the CEO of the Serbian Bitcoin exchange and co-founder of Serbian Bitcoin Association. Aleksandar Matanovic’s Bitcoin involvement started in 2011 when he first learned about cryptocurrency, and since then, he has focused completely on the digital currencies industry and blockchain technology. That same year, he co-founded a Bitcoin exchange for Serbian citizens and his company currently operates a network of Bitcoin ATMs, a cryptocurrency payment application, and more. Aleksandar has become one of the first recipients of a master’s degree in digital currencies from the University of Nicosia. Aleksandar Matanovic’s main goal is to spread awareness about the advantages of such technologies and to promote the safe use of them.
  • O que fazer com Bitcoin após a ativação do SegWit

    por Iyke Aru

    Com a comunidade abordando uma data de decisão significativa sobre a questão da escala, o resultado do consenso se parece mais com um segredo aberto, já que o SegWit2x e o SegWit Support oficialmente superaram o Emergent Consensus.