Valery Vavilov News

Valery Vavilov is BitFury’s co-founder and CEO. Valery Vavilov was born and raised in Latvia. He started programming when he was 14 years old. Before he co-founded BitFury in 2011 — a multifunctional blockchain-company that is one of the largest outside of China — he was working on startups, consulting and managing. In 2010, Valery Vavilov started learning about blockchain technologies after a call from another BitFury co-founder — Valery Nebesny. According to Valery Vavilov, the main purpose of the project is to make as many as possible things people do in their daily life online in order to make the process more secure and transparent. In 2018, Valery Vavilov was published in Forbes as one of the richest people from the crypto industry. According to Forbes, Valery Vavilov’s net worth is between $500 and $700 million.